Image of W.H.I.T.E. LP


The W.H.I.T.E. album, my debut effort that features legendary guests and a strong presence by me. The tracklist is below...

1. Underestimated ft. Killa T (prod. Nath ProdUKtions)

2. Great Whites ft. Dan Bull, Diabolic, KidCrusher, Anonamix, Copywrite & Klive Kraven (prod. Johnny U)

3. Flamethrowers ft. R.A. The Rugged Man, Evil Intentions, & Bekay (prod./cut by White Shadow)

4. Trading DEADline ft. B-Rhymez (prod. James Dean)

5. Hazardous ft. Celph Titled (prod. Teknodrome)

6. Evil Intended ft. Evil Intentions (prod. Infidel)

7. Vintage (prod. Teknodrome)

8. 90's Baby (performed by B-Rhymez) [prod. Teknodrome]

9. Rampage (prod. Ill Majestic) [cuts by TMB]

10. Ambition ft. Steven Cooper (prod. Teknodrome) [cuts by TMB]

11. Far Away (prod. Nath ProdUKtions)

12. Missing Persons (prod. Nath ProdUKtions)

13. Goodbye (prod. Rez the Silverback)

14. Sweet Dreams ft. B-Rhymez (prod. Creation)

15. Awe-Tistic ft. Dan Bull (prod. Nuttkase)

16. Suicidal Failure ft. Chris SoSick (prod. N1GOON)

17. The Vitiated (prod. Infidel)

18. Mic of 1000 Corpses (prod. Undefined) [BONUS TRACK]

19. Revival ft. Doap Nixon (prod. Johnny U) [BONUS TRACK]

20. Global Domination ft. Trips, SwizZz & D-Mic (prod. Nath ProdUKtions) [BONUS TRACK]